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Low-Carb Shopping – Thumbs-up to Trader Joe’s

This time, instead of a product I’m reviewing an entire store! Why? Because Trader Joe’s has turned out to be an indispensable help when trying to eat low-carb. This is true in a whole variety of categories of foods that … Continue reading

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Oyster casserole gratin

Now, some of you may have seen the word “oyster” in the title and run away screaming. Let me assure you that if you’re ever going to enjoy an oyster, this would be the way :) Also, this casserole is … Continue reading

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Buffalo burgers with mushroom cream sauce

Buffalo meat is becoming a popular alternative to ground beef, primarily because it’s healthier. Buffalo are generally raised free-range and grass-fed. Their meat is lower-fat and higher in omega-3. Another positive benefit is that they are treated much more humanely … Continue reading

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Almond butter goodness

What is almond butter? It’s just like peanut butter, only better. It tastes better, and has a great nutritional profile. I find myself a bit addicted to it – but eating it out of the jar is just fine, since … Continue reading

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The fabulous Italian dinner party

I really love to cook, and so I started a Meetup group for adventurous cooks. We get together once a month and have potluck from a country randomly selected from around the world. I look forward to this every month, … Continue reading

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Quiche and a latte

I had what I consider the perfect breakfast this morning – quiche and a latte. All because I figured out how to make low-carb pie crusts (in the picture at left, you can see the two different crusts I tried), … Continue reading

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Japanese comfort food

Dining out inexpensively is tough on a low-carb diet. Pizza, pasta, burgers, and subs are out, along with many ethnic restaurants such as Thai, Chinese, Mexican, etc. Although there are strategies for eating at these restaurants we’ll talk about more, … Continue reading

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