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Deconstructing Mexican cuisine

Ah, Mexican food – it’s yummy. But with its rice, beans, and tortillas, hardly low-carb. What’s a traveler to do in Latin American countries? Or when the rest of the gang wants to go out for Mexican? I just spent … Continue reading

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The fabulous Italian dinner party

I really love to cook, and so I started a Meetup group for adventurous cooks. We get together once a month and have potluck from a country randomly selected from around the world. I look forward to this every month, … Continue reading

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Japanese comfort food

Dining out inexpensively is tough on a low-carb diet. Pizza, pasta, burgers, and subs are out, along with many ethnic restaurants such as Thai, Chinese, Mexican, etc. Although there are strategies for eating at these restaurants we’ll talk about more, … Continue reading

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Road trip!

Traveling can be one of the most complicated things you can do on a diet. Thankfully, low-carb diets are easier than most. However, a little bit of pre-planning can be helpful, as it’s really easy to get caught somewhere and … Continue reading

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