Almond milk is not created equal

A few posts ago, I extolled the virtues of almond milk in preference to soy milk. At least to my taste, almond milk had a much nicer flavor and was lighter on the tongue (not to mention the waistline). I still feel this way, but with a caveat…

The other day I visited Safeway’s extensive organic foods section to get some unsweetened almond milk. I was particularly looking for unflavored, as I already had vanilla. They were out of the brand I usually buy, so I found a different one instead. For a few days I endured a strange taste in my cereal and lattes, until I realized – it was the brand. There was nothing wrong with it, in the sense of being past its due date – it just tasted different and had a really unpleasant flavor. I tossed it rather than drink the rest.

So, what were the mystery brands? Great – Blue Diamond’s Almond Breeze. Yep, the maker of the little cans of almonds and a long-time player in the almond business. Icky – Almond Dream. Avoid it if you can.

What are your favorite almond milk or soy milk brands?

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2 Responses to Almond milk is not created equal

  1. Judith B says:

    Actually, I prefer oat milk (though I realize that is not in keeping with this blog). My favorite is Pacific Natural Foods Organic Oat (low fat original). I only use it on my oatmeal, so it fits right in. :-)

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