Product Review: Carbquik Pancakes

The whole idea of pancakes for breakfast has been tantalizing me since I received my Carbquik baking mix. Not that I normally eat pancakes; I’m more of a cereal gal. But it’s not eggs, and that’s the key thing. They looked easy to whip up, and indeed they were, all with ingredients I had around the house – eggs, water, cream, butter. You can find the recipe on the box, or on the Carbquik website. Their picture looks like the ones at left. Mine came out a little different (see below), but still acceptable.

The pancake batter was not as “pourable” as advertised, which is why my pancakes are not really round, even though I added extra water. This doesn’t really hurt anything, as they cook pretty much just like pancakes otherwise. Of course I probably made mine 2-3 times as big as I was supposed to ;) Still, the entire recipe has 44 gm protein and only 13 gm carbs, so you can really eat as much as you can manage and still not go over your carb limit.

When they’re done cooking, they’re nice and fluffy, just like a pancake should be. There are two main differences – they’re a little more salty, and a lot more filling. If you wanted sweeter pancakes, you could use unsalted butter and possibly add a bit of Splenda or Stevia. They’re filling because they have a deceptively large amount of fiber in them, which is what keeps the carb count low. You don’t have to eat many of these pancakes to fill up, I could only really eat one large one.

These would be great with whipped cream and raspberries, sugar-free syrup, or sugar-free jam. Because they’re rather savory to start with, I think they would also pair well with bacon or sausage, maybe even with bacon mixed into the batter. I put a few in the fridge for later, and they do get a lot denser as they cool. I’ll admit that I spread one with almond butter, and it was delicious :)

Overall, another winner for Carbquick.

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One Response to Product Review: Carbquik Pancakes

  1. Judithornot says:

    Glad they turned out to be something you like. I can seldom eat more than two of even regular pancakes! :-)

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