Coffee jello with cream

Did I mention I love coffee? Once upon a time, at a Japanese restaurant, I was introduced to coffee jello with cream. It’s a very popular dessert in Asia (even Starbucks has a coffee jello frappuccino), and is gaining popularity here. It turns out to be a lovely low-carb dessert, with a good protein/fat/carb profile, so I thought I’d highlight it here, along with some variations. For vegetarians, note that you can make it with seaweed agar, as Japanese frequently do, rather than regular gelatin.

Coffee jello

1/2 oz plain powdered gelatin
1/2 C ice-cold coffee or espresso
3 C hot coffee or espresso
1/4 C Splenda
pinch salt
real whipping cream or heavy cream

Mix gelatin and cold coffee in a large bowl. Allow to set for 10 minutes. Add hot coffee, Splenda, and salt, and stir until Splenda is completely dissolved.

Either pour into 4 individual dessert cups or glasses, or pour into a large flat pan if you want to cube it before serving. Allow to set for 3-4 hours in the fridge.

I like to cube it and pour the whipping cream around it in a sundae glass, which is how I originally had it. But many people pour it all in one batch and then top it with whipped cream. Either way, putting it in a pretty tall or round dessert glass will add to the presentation. You can top it with a mint leaf, orange peel, chocolate-covered coffee bean, cocoa powder, cinnamon, or whatever your heart desires. Be sure to use real cream, whether you pour it or whip it for the topping (canned whipping cream has extra carbs in it). If you really want to get fancy, you can make layers of clear coffee jello and latte jello with some cream mixed in, and you can also add a bit of coffee or orange liqueur to the cream.

Many variations are possible if coffee isn’t your thing. A chai version shown at right is popular in Vietnam, and green tea jello would go wonderfully with Chinese food. If you love English tea, perhaps a black tea version with cream would suit you.

Nutrition: Plain gelatin is surprisingly high in protein, so this dessert is very carb- and protein-friendly, with 3 gm protein and 1.5 gm carbs per 1 C serving.

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One Response to Coffee jello with cream

  1. Judithornot says:

    Impressive! Had never heard of this, but it sounds interesing. Will pass it along to coffee-loving friends, and try the green tea version myself. :-)

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