Product review – Seafood finishing sauces

I bought a couple of these just before I started on this low-carb diet, and boy, was I glad I did. They are so good that if you’re ever sitting around thinking how you should prepare seafood, you really don’t have to do anything. Just grab one of these out of the fridge, cook the fish or shellfish in a very basic way, and use this sauce at the end – the results will be very tasty.

I have the two on the left above – the Cajun Remoulade and the Wasabi finishing sauces. All are part of Safeway’s Waterfront Bistro line of fish and sauces. I haven’t tried the Citrus Mustard yet, but it sounds good. Both of my sauces have 2 gm carbs per 2 T serving. Because they are so full of flavor, I have found that I never need more than 2 T, and sometimes only one.

The Cajun Remoulade is spicy and creamy at the same time, and just right in its degree of heat. It’s great not only with seafood but with chicken as well, and I’ve even put it on vegetables (like cauliflower) or in egg salad. It’s my favorite one and I’ve used a lot of it.

The Wasabi sauce is bright green, creamy, and quite hot, in a wasabi sort of way – but less so than wasabi paste. You’ll seldom use more than 1T of this sauce – but it is really good with crab, scallops, or sashimi. The other day we bought fresh Dungeness crab from the local seafood market, came home and just started eating it with our fingers – dipping the claw meat into the wasabi… mmm.

When you’re cooking a lot more meat or seafood than usual, it is really nice to have products that make it easier and produce a great result, good enough for guests. These sauces fill the bill. I give them an A – my only caution would be to check the labels of the sweeter sauces before buying to determine their carb content – it might be higher than the two reviewed here.

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  1. Judy nielsen says:

    I would like to buy some canon toy malady sauce

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